Performance Medical Centers

Since 1998, board certified physicians at  Performance Medical Centers  have helped over 34,000 men find solutions to their erectile dysfunction problems. 

Performance Medical Centers concentrates on effective treatment of erectile dysfunctionpremature ejaculation, testosterone imbalanceslack of libidoandropauseprostate removal side effects, and diabetes related sexual dysfunction.

We do what is right for our patients. Our physicians give our patients time to discuss their concerns fully. Then our specialist doctors start to work on a custom tailored solution using compounded medications to address their patience condition. Good communication within the doctor-patient relationship is very important to the success of our treatments.

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Since 1998 Performance Medical Centers, Board Certified Physicians have safely treated erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation in over 34,000 men, and we can help you too.

Our doctors listen carefully to fully understand your needs. Then we work with you to design a treatment to resolve your concerns about your ability to achieve the erection you ought to have. The solution is medically safe, effective and customized so that you can get an erection which lasts 45 minutes to an hour.

Our Guarantee
Performance Medical Centers utilize special erectile dysfunction treatment which guarantee effective and immediate results for the inability to achieve erection, the inability to keep an erection through completion of the sex act, or premature ejaculation problems. All prescriptions contain only FDA approved ingredients..

 Performance Medical Centers specialize in the effective treatment of erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation.  Men of all ages, including those currently taking medications or who have medical-related problems which interrupt the ability to have an extremely satisfactory sex life are treated and get results in only one visit.

On your 1st visit and treatment if you do not get a full penetrable erection your visit is ZERO cost!

One of our doctors will examine, test, and diagnose the cause of your specific erectile dysfunction.  On your 1st visit. the physician will then write a prescription for a unique treatment designed to treat the cause on.

Our State Licensed Physicians can help problems like erection issues caused by diabetes,  overweight, impotencyhigh blood pressure, heart disease, and age. Even patients who have had total or partial prostate removal can experience erections on demand that last forty-five minutes to two hours with just 1 visit.

This is the most medically sound solution available for erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation

In just one appointment, Performance Medical Centers can change your sex life forever. No pain. No surgery. 


We guarantee you will obtain an erection during your first visit or there will be absolutely no charge.

How can we promise this?
Our physicians are so skilled with compound medications, our success rate is extremely high. Here’s how: After a private consultation, you will receive a test dose of medication and see your results within 10 minutes - GUARANTEED.

We help hundreds of men every week. Our doctors specialize in treating erectile dysfunctionpremature ejaculation, and many more men's sexual dysfunctions.

It is very rare for a man to come in with an issue we have not seen and successfully treated many times. We have an all male staff who fully understands the needs and concerns of our patients. So we can confidently offer our services based upon our years of experience and history of success treating men of every age.

On your first visit, we will:

  • Evaluate your condition and understand your unique needs.
  • Demonstrate that we have the expertise and solutions to fix it today.
  • Prescribe for you a custom formulated medication that will allow you to achieve and sustain a full firm penetrable erection....for one to two hours.
For Only $199Your visit will include:

  • your evaluation by a Board Certified Physicians
  • test dose of medication
  • two lab tests

    Medical evaluation includes a Doppler ultrasound test (to verify sufficient blood flow), a PSA Screening (Prostate Specific Antigen), a Testosterone Level test and prescription good for one year.
Performance Medical Centers treats the symptom of loss, or degradation of the quality, of a man's erection. If you are experiencing erectile problems you may have other, more complex and serious, health issues, such as heart disease, prostate cancer, obesity, psychological issues, and more, that you should discuss with your doctor to develop a full treatment regimen.